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The Graveyards of Nant-y-Ffin Chapel

Nant-y-Ffin Chapel has two neighbouring graveyards. The oldest, on the same level as the chapel, is now in private hands, and wraps around the chapel on three sides, containing graves mainly from the 19th century; it also includes the first platform area up where some steps used to lead. The newer, upper cemetery, accessible to the public by a gate and ramp from the road, contains mainly 20th and 21st century graves, and is still in use, but a notice advises that those who enter it do so at their own risk.

The Lower Cemetery

Starting at the lowest level, adjacent to the chapel, and looking up first to the platform level of the lower cemetery. Beyond that, up again, is the upper cemetery.


The lower cemetery includes this grave inside an iron fence.


Part of the lower graveyard reaches behind the chapel, adjacent to the road.


Looking down from the upper cemetery, we can see the lower cemetery in front of the chapel.


Some of the graves of the lower cemetery, to the right of the gate, and in front of the chapel.

The main area of the lower cemetery, in front of the chapel, and abutting onto the platform associated with the lower cemetery.

The Upper Cemetery

The upper cemetery includes the grave of at least one of the pastors of Nant-y-Ffin Chapel, the Reverend D H Jones.


Looking down the upper cemetery from the top


Looking up the top of the upper cemetery

Looking across the front of the upper cemetery, with the public bench.


The gate from the road into the upper cemetery. Enter at your own risk, it says.


Looking up the right-hand side of the upper cemetery

The column headstone for the Rev D H Jones and his wife Rachel.

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