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The Exterior of Nant-y-Ffin Chapel

Nant-y-Ffin Chapel, Penycae, on the back road to Cae Hopkin, cannot be completely circumnavigated as the rear abuts onto a stream. These photographs aim to give a feeling of the shape, and position, of the chapel within the landscape, both man-made and natural.


The near-side, when coming along from Penycae, and which also faces off against the oldest section of the graveyard.


The two enclosed porchways into the chapel from the front, facing the rest of the old graveyard


Looking down at the front of the chapel, with the gate giving access from the road onto what is now private land


A view including the rear wall of the chapel, which includes the flue (the private owner has a new one).

The main front foor into the chapel, showing the upper platform of the lower graveyard behind it.


A view of the gate into the chapel


A closer view of the rear wall


Looking behind the chapel, abutting the stream, shows an old lean-to building


Looking up at the extension from the road, with the stream on the left


The bastion of the enclosing wall, abutting the road, and enclosing the oldest part of the graveyard


Looking down from above, over the various levels of the older graveyards, now private land

Looking from the far end of the lower graveyard back upon the chapel, showing its compact shape and size


This view from the upper, still open-to-the-public graveyard, shows how Nant-y-Ffin Chapel sits at a lower level


Looking out over the back of the chapel, across the stream to where farmers' fields included a very curious horse

Thank You to Paul, the owner, for letting us into Nant-y-Ffin Chapel to take these photographs, Summer 2018.

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