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Ynyscedwyn Ironworks, Ystradgynlais

The Ynyscedwyn Ironworks are the most iconic sight for the town and community of Ystradgynlais. These photographs were taken before a children's play-park was built to the rear of the ironworks, on the field before the river.

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A notable local use for the iron from the Ynyscedwyn Works was in the rebuild of Saint Cynog's Church, Ystradgynlais, which was completed in 1861. There, iron was used to create the pillars along the aisles, in a design allowing for a much lighter feel than many traditional churches, and one which allows worshippers to more easily look through and beyond the pillars to the pulpit or altar.

These photographs were taken by local independent author and photographer Grey Wolf.

Ystradgynlais - South Wales

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