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Ynyscedwyn Primary School

Ynyscedwyn Primary School opened in 1906. As Ystradgynlais' Welsh language school it was still going strong in the early twenty-first century. However, with the reorganisation where all the smaller local schools were closed, Ynyscedwyn was cited for closure. Delays in the construction of the new Welsh school gave it a brief stay of execution, but it closed its doors for the final time in December 2012.

Thank You to the new owners of the building, David and Helen Pickering of Classy Curtains Limited for inviting us in to photograph the old school before they begin on extensive redevelopment.

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Ynyscedwyn School has many interesting murals and wall paintings including some of the highest quality. We have brought them together in one section, to show what a colourful place it was.

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We take a tour around the empty classrooms of Ynyscedwyn School.

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The interior of Ynyscedwyn School has a lot of corridors, and auxiliary rooms, often with fascinating architectural features, including writing over the doorways.

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The exterior of Ynyscedwyn School includes the playground, outbuildings, and we also look at the stonework and architectural features of the school building.

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We also have a large section on Cynlais School, Ystradgynlais.

Thank You to Powys County Council for arranging access to that site.

Cynlais School, Ystradgynlais

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